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Table of Contents

Ode to Wild Boars
A Fishing Song
Arwen, the Warrior Babe
The Dewlaps
I Danced at the Nazgūl's Wedding
Into the Field of Pelennor
Strange Attraction
The Lamentation of Smaug
Treebeard's Afternoon

A Little Balrog Verse

Some people say a balrog is made out of shade,
A balrog of blood and muscles is made,
A back that is strong and various things,
But not the slightest suggestion of wings.

Two mortal ages, and what do you get?
Eons older and no wings as yet!
Don't call me, Sauron, I can't go;
That old knave Gandalf has brought me so low!

When Tom Bombadil Was the Commander at Pearl Harbor

We Are the Effing Uruk-hai   

  The Olympian Texts