Greetings, mortals (or mlorats if you prefer).

I am:

Count Menelvagor the Slayer of Killerbytes, Signore Rogghio, Editor of Sauron's Dairy, and Lord High Enervator of the Empire of Psot, Bane of the Jellyrog Unrepentant, Tamer of Firestorm the Dragon, Hopelessly Wacky Baritone, and Grand Flusher of the Sacred Precincts of Tyope, Protector of the Traskéd Stuff, R.E.A.L.L.Y.W.E.I.R.D, also known as Tildanor the Balrog, Count of Cirith Ungallant, High Priest of Tyope, and Knight of the Lost Cause of Snyppynge.

Additionally, I am Count Nikolai Vagorovich and Don Operatico.  

In short, I have a myriad personalities, and they're all out to get me.

As Count Menelvagor, I carry out research into some of the weirder byways of Muddle-earth.  I have translated Sauron's Diary and the Ouestmarcheillaise, or The Count of Monte Fato.  

I am also a spokesman (or spokesrog) for Balrogs, deeply misunderstood creatures whose reputation Tolkien besmirched.
For more about Balrogs, see the Rogsylvania Tourist Page below.  Rogsylvania forms part of Fredonia, a collaborative humour project at

As Don Operatico, I have perpetrated various weird operatic parodies and been involved in other weird opera stuff at Opera News Online.  Some of this material may be found at Teatro Don Operatico.

And as Cnout Tlidanor, I am a confuzzled blarong hwo pseaks a weird patois cllaed tyopese.  Click here for more about the world of TURPS, the Terribly Unorthodox Role-playing Society from which I come.  

(This isn't counting Pseudonymus the Jellyfish, viceregent of Morambar, who heads the cult-like Fredonian Academy of Tolkien Studies (FATS). FATS hatches bizarre theories about Tolkien while worshipping Morambar as the one true Tolkien expert.)

Rogsylvania Tourism Page Information about balrogs and their delightful country

The Count of Monte Fato  What would  nineteenth-century France be like if it were Middle-earth?

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Derridina's Fanfic  Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter as written by a teenaged fangirl who sometimes falls into literary Theory

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The Quest for Sauron's Diary Generic fantasy parody

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