In this thrilling saga of derring-do, two young heroes undergo a trial by fire.  Pursued by Nasties and other horrors, and accompanied by a wise Druid, a babe, two brave warriors, a stalwart Barf, a pair of elvish elves, and a bevy of clichés, they traverse a wilderness of dread and are caught up in a battle unto death between Light and  ... you fill in the rest.  Prepare to be spellbound by the masterly hand of bestselling legend-cranker Generic Fantasy Author, who will lead you through a terrifying dimension of bathos, for which you will pay the ultimate price, making quite a lot of dough for GFA in the process.  But this pales in comparison with the horrors that await when he begins writing sequels.

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Chapter i. fred and bozo are bored

chapter ii. bozo is even more bored; fred faints

chapter iii. barves are jerks

chapter iv. who gets the girl?

chapter v. gnorcs and nasties

chapter vi. they learn stuff

chapter vii. elves are poncy gits

chapter viii. more boring adventures

chapter ix. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

chapter x. this part is scary (they get it, btw)

chapter xi. of course, he isn't actually dead

chapter xii. they split up

chapter xiii. a couple of extras die (a boring chapter)

chapter xiv.  eek

chapter xv. they've changed for ever and all that sort of rot

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