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The Sherlock Holmes Collection


The Hanging Man
Interpreting the Tracks
The Cardboard Box
The Incredible Jumping Man
How Did He Get Back?
What Does the "F" Stand For?
Why the Bodies Never Were Found
Where Did the Stone Come From?
The Adventure of the Disappearing Troll
The Pointy-eared League
The Lamedon Vampire
A Question of Ownership
Yellow Faces
The Case of the Over-sized Hobbit
The Discovery
The Crock of Gold
The Adventure of Fanor's Old Place
The Flame of Udn
The Heiress
The Adventure of the Curious Balrog
South Weathertop
At the "Admiral Falastur"
The Adventure of the Unwanted Immigrant
The Final Problem

Odds and Ends

A Long-expected Party
A Story of Melancholy

The True Tale of Frodo and the Ring
Ballyhocks and the Three Hobbits
The Murdered Wizard