The Sacred Bust of TOLKIEN in the Morambarium

Here you can read about the "Dear Ol' Academy" (often familiarly called "the Ack"), its glorious mission, and, in short, how great we are, and you can learn how to find your way around our hallowed halls.

The world of Tolkien scholarship wants setting to rights. It wants discipline, knowledge, wisdom, order, to heal the wounds of a troubled world. It needs the profound insight into the mind of TOLKIEN that only MORAMBAR, the Decider, Master of the Fates of Puny Students, can give. Too long has TOLKIEN scholarship been dominated by the jack-booted lackeys of the so-called TOLKIEN Estate, by notorious TOLKIEN-haters like Humphrey Carpenter, and by drooling online idiots who salivate over flatulent essays about whether Tom Bombadil was a Martian. Only FATS has the synthesis of deep reverence for TOLKIEN's sacred Writings with a rigorously scientific approach that is necessary for the correct understanding of His sacred Intent.

For this purpose we have chosen to open this official FATS website, which will be revealed in due time for the marvel and amazement of the World...  Notice, or die, that this site is official and is a light of Truth unto the nations.



Morambar Udunvagor, the Decider, Superior Wisdom Master,  Ultimate Tolkien Scholar Online(UTSO), Superior Tolkien Expert and Authority(STEA), Supreme Decider and Overlord for Life(SDOL) of the Fredonian Academy of Tolkien Studies(FATS), and the Keeper of the Book of Unanswered Questions(BUQ) by J.R.R. Tolkien(JRRT)


Mission of the Academy

Campus Map


FATS is affiliated with the MORAMBARIST Universal Dominion (MUD), whose doctrines may be found here.


Note: FATS has a number of idiosyncratic customs that have developed over the years. The most important of these is the Sign of T: whenever TOLKIEN's name is mentioned, you shall hold up your left hand in profile, and place the right hand palm down on top of it, in the shape of a T.


Pilgrims Bow before the Tolkien Monument and Twin Mushrooms on the Outskirts of Oxfat


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