Fun stuff about, for, against, not about, slightly about, in defense of, totally slandering, and transcending J.R.R. Tolkien


The group TEUNC - short for "Tolkien Eccentric Unusual Nutcases" - began, way back in 1998, as a humorous offshoot from the usenet groups and rec.arts.books.tolkien. We on continue its tradition of weird Tolkien humour and (loosely) Tolkien-based world-building games.

This site is a portal to all our activities on the web, both those hosted on this site and those scattered on various individual websites.

Have fun! We do.


Our two main projects:


The virtual country Fredonia, where we built and ran our own counties.

The Fredonian Academy of Tolkien Studies, our virtual university.


Other things by our members:

Horus' Commentary

The wisest and most enlightening remarks of Prof. Dr. Horus Engels, Tolkien scholar and dried frog pill addict.
The Count's Palaxxo

Greetings, mlorats! The works and musings of Count Menelvagor, the aristocratic balrog.


External websites related to us:

The most holy crusade of Noel Q. von Schneiffel, Tolkien prophet, for true scholarship and book purism. The visions of Tolkien told him so.

The Complete and Wonderful Internets of Stefan Hammelstein
Jon's Home Page

Jon Hall