Please remember: Money is illegal in Hell. When you enter the county, you are obliged to change any money you carry into coupons. Otherwise you risk confiscation of the money in question. Under no circumstances should you attempt to haggle, speculate, earn interest or start a hedge fond. These are criminal offenses and might get you jailed.

For citizens of Hell, or members of the Bolshevork Party's external branches, most basic supplies are free. This includes everyday food, accommodation, newspapers and telephone access. The goods not covered by this basic package are available via a coupon system. Coupons are personalized and non-interchangeable. There are different kinds of coupons for special food items or delicacies, non-edible luxury goods, and services like access to museums, brothels or battle-axe games.

Tourists use similar coupons for all kinds of goods, and can also request a limited number of souvenir coupons only valid in approved souvenir shops.


The Tooth

Since Helluvan coupons are useless outside Hell, the government has introduced a currency of its own for citizens who travel or live abroad, or for the trade with other counties. This currency is the Tooth (). There are no Teeth banknotes, only coins.

A named subdivision of the Tooth, comparable to other currencies' cents or pence, does not exist. Whenever they are needed for a transaction, 1 coins are sawed or hammered into the desired number of fractions.

Although one of Fredonia's most impressive-looking currencies, the Tooth is not exactly famous for its stability. In fact, it suffers from notorious inflation. Orcs tend to be short-tempered, and every time a fist or boot meets a face, new money literally rains onto the streets of Hell City. And that being illegal, the government has no choice but to immediately seize that money and add it to the state's reserves.