The Imaginary TV Guide: Highlights This Month

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Since none of the shows on Imaginary TV have actually been filmed, they are not technically available for anyone to watch. The subscribers will be able to read the detailed descriptions Imaginary TV will provide, about the characters, background stories and episode summaries, and IMAGINE what these great fantasy programs would be like, if they were real. Imaginary TV declines any responsibility for products resulting from a disfunctional or warped imagination by its viewers.


The Moongate

A team of specialists travel through a mystical teleportation gate, to explore a magical new world of miracles and fantastic creatures. The gate is interlocked with the position of the moon, and each journey takes the team to a new and previously unknown location. In encounters with friends and enemies, villains and monsters, the team must conceal their true identity and disguise themselves as genuine medieval warriors and magicians.


Lady Charlotte's Orphanage

When young Simon's parents disappear mysteriously and his cruel uncle sends him away to a remote and gloomy orphanage, the spoiled young boy needs to learn new values of hard work, responsibility and friendship. Simon becomes friends with the other orphans, and together they set out to solve the mysteries behind his parents disapearance, the strange dealings of his uncle, and the hidden past of Lady Charlotte, the mistress of the orphanage.


Great Battles of Middle-Earth

Documentary series about the crucial battles that shaped the history of the Middle-Earth, brought to life by the cutting edge CGI-animation, and reconstructed and illuminated with the commentary and analyses by the leading Tolkien scholars and military experts.


Mythology Deathmatch

Uncensored carnage in claymation, as the monsters and heroes of the different mythologies come face to face, to decide who is the ultimate power in the universe.


Ash Plains

Borak, the mighty warrior, has finally died. As a punishment for his arrogance, the gods have sent him to the Underworld without purging his mind of human memories and feelings, so that he could experience the torments of hell to the fullest. But this bothers not Borak, the most perfect fighting machine of all times. With sword in hand, he is ready to face the demons and monsters, and challenge the Lucifer himself to a battle for the overlordship of Hell - in the Ash Plains.