With a computer from COMMIECOM, you will get the latest version of Internet Explorcer, our free cutting-edge browser. The latest version 1.892 will work on any CALCULATORC computer, model CL-1968 or better. If you want to try it, or upgrade an older program version, please click below.


Why use it?

The new rendering engine of Internet Explorcer 1.892 lets you view even complicated and graphics-heavy websites the way they were meant to be seen. Tests proved that pages are displayed up to 4 times faster than a Photographic Memory Slave can draw them on a chalkboard - and with less screeching!

(Screenshots were taken on a CL-1978 with a high-end graphics-capable monochrome monitor. This hardware is currently only available for high-ranking Bolshevork officials. According to your hardware, your display may vary.)


We value your education

Internet Explorcer comes with Propaganda Meter, a tool to make your browsing safer and more informative. For every website, it displays its ideological value, as judged by the government of Hell, on a four-marks scale: Correct, Neutral, Dubious or Counterrevolutionary. With a single glance, you can see the quality of a website!

You can view up to 5 consecutive websites judged Neutral or worse. After that, if you want to continue browsing, you have to visit a site from a special list of official propaganda pages, such as www.words-of-bluh.fd. This will give you the ideological strength for your next 5 questionable websites.



So try out Internet Explorcer today, and unleash the full power of your computer!