...Rolling in style!


Orcswagen is the sole licensed car manufacturer in County Hell. Its most successful model is the Orcswagen Beetlejuice.

The Beetlejuice was named "for what you find on your face after driving at full speed", as the chief engineer is quoted. A contributing factor to this is the complete lack of a windshield. This is officially lauded as a major design feature, but the more probable reason is simply that Hell's bureaucratized economy is plagued by windshield shortage.

The Beetlejuice's standard edition is currently outlawed in 17 more ecologically or traditionally oriented counties of Fredonia for not meeting local exhaust and/or noise emission standards. Those counties, however, are usually not places where orcs want to go anyway. Nonetheless, there is a special edition available for export to such places, the "Beetlejuice MP" (Muscle Power). It features no engine at all, but rather some elegant and smooth-running pedals.

If you decide to buy the Beetlejuice with its standard engine, you will find it reliable and sturdy, capable of running on either petrol, diesel or vodka. Orcs living near chemical plants have even reported successfully driving their Beetlejuices on acid rain.

Orcswagen's most successful marketing slogan is "Rubber tires are for wimps".


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