...the communist Orcish county in the heart of Fredonia.


With our no-worries social network, our centrally planned economy and our dedication to world revolution, and with our fearless comrades of the Bolshevork Party leading us, our county remains the single guiding light for Fredonia's working class in a sea of feudalism.

Hell has a majority of Orcs and is shaped by Orcish culture. But regardless of your species or looks, if you count yourself among the huddled masses of the oppressed spearhead of the proletarian vanguard of Fredonia and yearn to be free, then Hell/Hewwo is the place for you! We need your strong hands (tentacles, pseudopodia) to keep our model society clean from degenerate capitalist influences like money, noblemen or smurfosexuality.

First Commissar Bluh Handkerchief
Supreme Leader of the Revolution

General B. F├╝rchtegott Confomromitz
Administrator of the Fangirl Police