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See the detail map of Hell for places within County Hell, and the detail map of Oxfat for places within Oxfat City.

Black Elves

Bizarre group of Elves in the northern regions of Fredonia. They believe that the Orcs are the true, perfected form of what Elves should be, so they aspire to look and act as much as Orcs as they can. They use makeup, tattoos, impalements, in extreme cases even plastic surgery and self-mutilation to modify their appearance, speak with obscenities and worship Morgoth, respecting no moral values but their own.

They've taken new names for themselves, combining Orcish elements with their own names - such as Ghash-Galad, Shagfindel, Mogwen, Mauhbrimbor, Celesnaga, Pushdugdriel or GĂșlrond. And they listen to Black Heavy Metal, of course.

Bleszinski Cliff

Part of the sharp line where the mountains of Rogsylvania fall off to the coastal plain. Lava from the Rog-lands seeps out here and forms several lakes. For reasons nobody knows, there are stone tablets with messages standing in the lava ponds. One reads: "Canada is really cold. I like Dos Equis beer. My cats are fuzzy." Another one reads: "Craig is Grand Master Doofus."

Crater of Blogolopolis

Once Blogolopolis was the capital of the Anarchate of Qyool, a prosperous fief based on anarchist principles. Its basic rule was that you could do whatever you want. That became a problem when one guy actually wanted to be a tyrannical ruler, so he simply installed himself as such. Henceforth he ruled Qyool under his new title "The Dood".

One day though, Blogolopolis and the Dood were completely wiped out by an explosion of tremendous power, and all that remained was a deep, smouldering crater. What caused the destruction is unclear. Some blame a meteor, some a nuclear strike, some whisper that the Flying Castle had been seen in the area on that fateful day. Others, however, simply speculate that this event was also just what someone wanted.

The only sure thing is that afterwards, the decimated and decapitated Anarchate became an easy prey for its neighbours, and soon ceased to exist. Today all that remains of these events is the huge, still slightly radioactive crater, and an old tongue-twister in the adjacent counties:

Once in Blogolopolis
I was blogolopodissed
"Fool!" they blogolopohissed
And clenched blogolopofists.

I called Blogolopolice
They bombed Blogolopolis
And with "Blogolopowhizz!"
It was blogolodismissed.


This quaint little city-state on the upper Ouiskie is populated entirely by sentient handkerchieves and towels. But not only the inhabitants, the city itself is completely textile, with crocheted houses and knitted town walls. It trades (non-sentient) textile products of wondrous quality to the rest of Fredonia.

The most famous son of the city is Bluh, a handkerchief that emigrated to Hell to play a key role in the communist revolution there, and now rules that county with a woolen fist. This taught the Fredonians that the Handkerchierrows and Towelen - despite being usually peaceful, reclusive and more than a little cute - should not be treated snottily.

County Hell

The main settlement place for Orcs in Fredonia. A powerful county and the heartland of Fredonia's heavy industry, just the way Orcs like it.

The Orcs are living under a government of bureaucratic communism. To complicate things, the government's leader, Bluh, is a sentient handkerchief from Handkerchierrowdelf.

Korsula (Trenchtown)

For long time little was known about the habits of the Finnish tribes in the north-eastern woods of Fredonia, and they were believed to have only small, primitive settlements. But recently news were published that the Finns do have a city after all. It is called Korsula (Trenchtown in common speech), and it consists of a network of WWII style trenches and dugouts. Naturally the reason why it was not previously known is that it is so well camouflaged, as well as basically in the middle of nowhere.

Currently, many people are wondering if Korsula is indeed just a piece of nostalgia from the Finns' former homeland, or if it was built for some other purpose, like protecting some secret treasure.


Oxfat, a university town with a multitude of colleges, is the center of Fredonian research and knowledge - primarily concerning literature, and in this frame especially concerning the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Located just on the border to quarrelsome Humidor, Oxfat is teeming with eccentric scholars, short-tempered professors and sectarian researchers locked in an eternal struggle for the Uttermost Truth, as well as students trying to somehow survive between these multiple grindstones.

Today - barring a few beleaguered Potterian and Pratchettian enclaves - most of Oxfat is controlled by FATS, the Fredonian Academy of Tolkien Studies. FATS is a sprawling organization under the rule of Morambar Udunvagor (the Decider, Superior Wisdom Master, Keeper of the BUQ, UTSO and STEA, Leader of UFBAF etcetera etcetera), who pulls the city's strings from his temple, aptly called the Morambarium.


The capital of Fredonia, and the seat of the King who rules supreme.

In theory, this should be the central hub of the country. Factually, however, the King has little power over the squabbling noblemen and regional rulers, and Pezopolis is a godforsaken, dusty village in the middle of nowhere. There's really no reason to visit, unless you are a die-hard monarchist.

County Rogsylvania

A large county, situated in the mountainous region between the Ouiskie plains and the Trifle Dessert. Rogsylvania is governed by aristocratic Balrogs who grouped their mortal underlings into two classes, "serfs" and "snacks". As fiery beings, the Balrogs transformed their already volcanic county into a veritable inferno, beautiful, but also dangerous for those with either weak or tasty bodies. But, as the county's official motto claims: "Some like it hot".