After the revolution, the communists of Hell sought to get rid of all the traditional baggage from feudalist Fredonia. One of the first things they did was a calendar reform. Because the rest of Fredonia did not adapt their new calendar, and both systems lead a parallel existence until today, this remains a source of confusion for visitors from other regions. Below you find a list of the novelties the orcs introduced.


The year


For the months, Hell adopted the French Revolution calendar. The names of the months are:

  • Autumn:
    • Vendemiaire (Latin vindemia: "grape harvest")
    • Brumaire (French brume: "fog")
    • Frimaire (French frimas: "frost")
  • Winter:
    • Nivose (Latin nivosus: "snow")
    • Pluviose (Latin pluviosus: "rain")
    • Ventose (Latin ventosus: "wind")
  • Spring:
    • Germinal (Latin germen: "germination")
    • Floreal (Latin flos: "flowering")
    • Prairial (French prairie: "pasture")
  • Summer:
    • Messidor (Latin messis: "harvest")
    • Thermidor (Greek thermos: "heat")
    • Canidor (Latin canis: "dog")

The only alteration applied by the orcs is the name of the last summer month, originally named Fructidor after Latin fructus: "fruit". Orcs eat vegetables when nothing else is available, but they have no particular love for them. However, this is also the month when the dogs in Hell's breeding centres become ripe and fat and tasty.

The orcs also got rid of the French accents, as they have enough trouble spelling these foreign words already.


The week


In Hell, the weekdays were renamed after great revolutionaries from past and present, in no particular order. Their names are:

  • Maoday (Monday)
  • Leninday (Tuesday)
  • Hoday (Wednesday)
  • Potday (Thursday)
  • Bluhday (Friday)
  • Marxenday (Saturday)
  • Stalinday (Sunday)

Hoday is, of course, nothing but the day of Ho Chi Minh. Needless to say, the inevitable joke has been overused to an extent that most orcs just groan when a visitor mentions it. However, several brothels in Hell City are known to offer Happy Hours on Hodays. Interested tourists are advised to look out for announcements.